※Fees are calculated based on the number of employees in the company.
Number of Employees Price
Up to 20 employees $500 before tax/month
21 employees and up An additional $17 (before tax)/employee/month
Analysis, Installation Support, Training Services(3 months) TBD
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The Advantages of beepHR
1. Easily Implement HR Evaluations
Before Use
I had no clue how to do an evaluation,
and decided who got a raise based on instinct.
After Use
With a qualitative quantitative assessment template,
I completed evaluations with ease.
2. Motivate Employees
Before Use
Hard working, capable employees are leaving in droves
because they feel that their hard work doesn't pay off.
After Use
Employee efforts are understood. When their efforts are rewarded, they gain motivation and contribute further!
3. No More Complaining
Before Use
According to a survey, 70.5% of employees are dissatisfied with their personnel evaluations.
After Use
All evaluators entered their ratings in numerical
form. If there is an unfair score, it can quickly
be identify so the employee can be assessed fairly.
Venture Firms
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・Do you have an HR system in place to prepare for going public?
You may think that an HR system should be set up after a company goes public, but it's too late to do this after the number of employees increases. beepHR can be the driving force behind a company going public if its HR system is set up to encourage employee growth. Systematization and standardization of operations from an early stage will also strengthen the management base.
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