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What is the best HR evaluation system for today's world?
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Due to the impact of COVID-19, remote work has increased, and the work enviroment has changed dramatically.

What is beepHR's remote work strategy?


beep HR will provide perfect support from system design to operation start and retention support.

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What is OKR?

OKR stands for "Objectives and Key Results" and is a method of setting and managing goals. OKRs were first used at the Intel Corporation and in recent years have attracted the attention of many famous Silicon Valley companies such as Google and Facebook who have adopted them.

The main characteristic of OKRs is that they are set, tracked and re-evaluated at a higher frequency than traditional planning methods. Additionally, the goal of an OKR is to ensure that all employees

are aligned in the same direction, have clear priorities, and that company plans progress at a consistent pace.

The Advantages and Benefits of OKRs

1.Faster Development

When a jobs purpose is clear, employees can determine which tasks they need to prioritivereducing time wasted.

2.Company-Wide Mutual Cooperation

Everyone sets goals in the same format, and those goals are made public so that evaluations can be done fairly.

3. Improving Employee Engagement

Since goals are shared across the company, it is easier for each employee to see their own contribution. It's also essential to make sure that the goals are designed to improve engagement.

4. Goal Orientation

By focusing on a limited set of goals, emoloyees can engage in each one at a higher level. With too many goals, it can be difficult to know which ones to pursue.

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Glossary of HR System Terms