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Problem 1
The Transformation of a Personnel Evaluation System
When a personnel evaluation system is not utilized, there is no goal progress tracking and evaluations are not completed on schedule. Even if the evaluation sheets are distributed periodically in one or three month increments, the goal becomes just to get them submitted on time.
Solution 1
Energize Your System with an HR Evaluation Tool Used Every Day
With beepHR, you can track the achievement rates of your goals at any time and easily send "likes" and "thank yous" to your colleagues to encourage them. It includes the ability to send reminders for personnel evaluations and tasks. By getting into the habit of using the app every day, more accurate personnel evaluations become possible.
Problem 2
Management Doesn't Understand the Workplace.
The management team doesn't understand the work performed by frontline employees, which often leads to an information gap between the two. A system for sharing information regarding the problems that occur in the field and for those who respond to them is necessary.

Solution 2
Understand What's Going on in the Workplace
HR and the management can examine all employee work. They can also see what messages are being sent between employees. Data analysis will show their state of mind. Employees who are likely to change jobs or who are overworked can be identified at an early stage.
Examples for the Nursing Industry
Using an Objective Evaluation Sheet
Create a Rating Sheet
Create a rating sheet
HR staff can create qualitative and quantitative evaluation sheets for different purposes, such as "caregiving methods", "improvement of hospitality services" and "caregiving knowledge and skills assessment".
Set goals and indicators
HR can think of the evaluation indexes in advance and fill them in, determine the evaluators and the persons to be evaluated, and the sheet will be automatically be distributed to the target personnel. The staff in the field can also input indicators.
Receive ratings (1-10 ) and comments from multiple raters during the evaluation period. After the evaluation, there is no need to tally the scores manually; the ratings received from each rater are automatically calculated.
Examples of Using Goal Setting and Daily Progress Reports
OKR Evaluation
Task Management
First, set departmental and personal OKR goals. Each time a frontline employee achieves a personal goal, they can check it off on their smartphone and their department's achievement rate will be updated.
You can also manage the achiement of day-to-day tasks from your smartphone.
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