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Problem 1
It's Easy to Forget Oranizational Goals
As a result, employees are often overwhelmed with day-to-day work and lose sight of their goals. This is because they rarely check them after they are set. In addition, employees are unaware that their daily work is linked to the company's goals.
Solution 1
Daily Review of the Organizational Goals Percentage of Achievement.
Because OKRs are linked to individual goals as well as the goals of the organization, when an employee achieves an individual goal, the organization's rate of achievement also increases. This system allows employees to feel that they are contributing to the larger goals of the organization and makes them want to contribute further. All employees can work towards the same goal.
Problem 2
You Don't Know Employee Abilities
Chances are that you have people who have great skills but are not utilizing them enough. It is vital to eliminate the mismatch between your organization and your people, but you don't know how to accurately identify the skills of individual employees.
Solution 2
Data Analysis Reveals Surprising Skills.
beepHR analyzes data from daily operations, evaluations, employee interactions, and past messages. It can be used not only for technical work such as machine operations in the factory, but also for office oriented work such as the quality of phone calls and the ability to manage subordinates.
Examples of Manufacturing Usage
Using OKRs
OKR Assessment
Establish an implimentation period
HR will create an OKR evaluation sheet and set the implementation period. Once the goal editors and authorizers have been set up, the OKR sheet is distributed and the goals can be filled in.
Setting Organizational and Personal Goals
In the case of an OKR sheet distributed to the work site, the various settings can be made.
For example, if the OBJECTIVE is to "reduce defects in the manufacturing line", the key performance indicators (KEY RESULTS) are:
・Reduce the number of defects to 5 or less.
・Install high-precision machines.
・Quality Assurance Department checks at the processing site.
Update achievement rates
Once the goals are set, each time a result (KEY RESULT) is achieved, the company-wide or departmental goals' achieved percentage is updated.
Confirmation of achievement
You can also check the achievement rate on your smartphone, so you can always know if you are progressing on schedule.
Using Data Analysis
Data Analysis
You can tell from the messages you receive whether an employee is thinking positively or not.
If there is a large discrepancy between a supervisor's evaluation and an employee's self-evaluation, you will know it is necessary to meet with that employee.
Analyze message language to identify a caring boss or a well-liked employee.
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