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Problem 1
Declining Engagement
A lack of communication between staff members combined with an environment where they do not feel comfortable exchanging ideas with each other leads to a decline in staff engagement. Is there a good mechanism to increase engagement?
Solution 1
Promote Communication with beepHR
With beepHR, colleagues can easily send messages and "thank yous" to each other. More communication increases engagement and facilitates work interactions.
Problem 2
I Need the Total HR Management System
Scattered HR data is difficult to view and becomes more cumbersome and difficult to manage as the years increase. Since HR tasks occur internally, it is difficult for a third party to keep track of what is where and how to find it, making it difficult to improve operational efficiency.
Solution 2
Creating a Database of HR Information
beepHR is a system that allows the centralized management of HR information. The HR department can streamline and systematize routine tasks and use the time they generate for other work.
Examples of Use in Government Agencies
The Use of Evaluating Objectives vs Actual Performance
1 to 1 Assessments
OKR Ratings
Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluations
Task Management
Establish the Implementation Period
The HR manager sets the time frame for conducting the personnel evaluation and selects a template for the evaluation sheet to suit the purpose.
Setting Organizational Goals
To evaluate your own performance, enter organizational goals determined by the management on the OKR or qualitative quantitative sheet.
Setting Personal Goals
To achieve organizational goals, supervisors and subordinates should meet with each other and determine individual goals. The interview is recorded and can be commented on by the supervisor. After the interview, personal goals are entered into the Qualitative Quantitative Evaluation Sheet or the OKR sheet. In the case of qualitative and quantitative evaluations, specific weight can be assigned to each goal.
Confirmation of Achievement
The OKR achievement rate is always visible from the dashboard.
Task Management
Employees can manage their tasks on their own screen from the time they set goals to the time they are evaluated.
Once the evaluation period beings, employees can be evaluated on their performance against their goals or their contribution to achieving organizational goals. Multiple raters can be assigned at each stage.
Promoting Communication
Government organizations can be fragmented. When working on a single project with multiple organizations, feel free to send a "thank you" or a message to colleagues in other organizations to facilitate communication.
Send greetings to your colleagues when transferring to a new organization. After you have been transferred, you can also express your gratitude to the colleagues and superiors who you previously worked with.
You can send messages such as "Thank you" or "Nice" after greeting them in the same government office.
Even if a supervisor is not good at praising their staff, they can do so simply by sending a "nice" or "helpful" message. This is a great way to increase engagement.
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